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School Incursions

Tap into the experience and expertise of the Australian Shakespeare Company’s actors, directors and educators with our incursions for Drama, Theatre Studies and English students.

Teachers benefit too with our one-on-one intensives to help develop your Shakespeare unit.

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Minimum performance space required: 5m x 5m
Bump in time: 60 mins
Bump out time: 15 mins
Access to power


Melbourne Metro travel is included in the price for booking our excursions however we can travel further. Contact us for a quote.


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Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4.


The Australian Shakespeare Company’s school incursions provide an explosive exploration of the works of Shakespeare and other classic play texts. Catering to students of English, Literature Theatre Studies and Drama, two company actors travel through the story of the studied play, performing pivotal scenes along the way, with passionate, in depth discussions about the world of the play, historical context, characters, themes, contemporary relevance and language styles. Students are engaged throughout the session both off and on the stage!

Year Level: Secondary
Cost: $900 incl GST
(For groups of 100 + each additional student $8.50 each)
Capacity: Up to 200 students
Duration: 60-minute session

Shows available currently include:


An immersive excavation of Shakespeare’s darkest and most visceral tragedy, this one hour session delves into the relationship between that incandescent couple that kill together and die apart, the supernatural vs the psychological, fate and choice, order vs chaos…with a good dose of sword fighting thrown into the balance.

Much Ado About Nothing

A romp through one of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies- this session delves into the simultaneously magnetic and fractious relationship between Beatrice and Benedick. The impact of social codes and status on the play’s characters is explored alongside themes of appearances and observation and deception as a means to both positive and negative ends.

The Merchant of Venice

This session explores the heated debate surrounding one of Shakespeare’s most controversial plays: is the play in and of itself anti-Semitic, or rather if it is about what it is to be anti-Semitic and, indeed, about racism in general. The characters of Shylock, Antonio, Portia and more are put under the microscope in order to investigate their motivations and grievances and to dissect the actions they undertake in the play.

Romeo & Juliet

Arguably the most famous love story of all time, this session focuses on the nature of violence and love as depicted in the play, the relationship between the star-crossed lovers and their character development, an investigation as to who or what is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and the position of women in a patriarchal society.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This session is a wild ride through Shakespeare’s magical comedy delving into the three interlocking worlds of the play. Key characters and romantic couplings are dissected and juxtaposed as we raise questions surrounding love and marriage, perception and imagination, magic and nature, dreams and transformation, high and low comedy and the notion of a play within a play.

Measure for Measure

A 90 minute immersion into Shakespeare’s dark and challenging comedy about power, corruption and desire. We delve into the psyches of Angelo, the deputy left in charge, ruling his city with a puritanical and oppressive regime. And of Isabella, the novice nun whose moral boundaries are tested to the extreme. The play’s complex narrative structure is dissected and it’s web of secret identities, manipulation and repressed sexuality is explored.

Coming Soon....



A riotous 1 hour introduction to the words, worlds and works of The Bard, this fast paced interactive show is perfect for upper Primary and lower Secondary students. Featuring Bottom and Titania’s unlikely romantic encounter from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, the beautiful balcony scene from ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Macbeth’s infamous banquet and the fatal final duel from ‘Hamlet’.

Year Level
Upper Primary or Lower Secondary
$900 incl GST
(for groups of 100 + each student $8.50 each)
Up to 200 teachers
60-minute session

Thanks for your great work last week it exceeded expectations! There has been a transformation in the way in which the class is responding to the play. No longer are they simply reading words from the page they are far more engaged in the play itself and the characters that make up the play.”



In this program, the teachers have the chance to be the participant. Our experienced educators lead you through new activities, games and fun approaches to the text, themes, characters and stories of a play of your choice. These tailored sessions offer a breath of fresh air and ways to overcome any stumbling blocks your students may be facing.

Year Level: Primary & Secondary
Cost: $300 incl GST

Capacity: Up to 10 teachers
Duration: 60-minute session

“Australian Shakespeare Company continue to provide students with entertaining and engaging performances throughout the country. If you have not taken part in a workshop or seen a performance, you should!”



Invite our directors into your rehearsal room to introduce new techniques to achieve vocal clarity, concise movement, bold characters, creating a tangible ensemble and honouring the text. These active sessions will challenge and inspire the cast regardless of the production you’re working on.

Year Level: Primary & Secondary
Cost: $300 incl GST
Capacity: Up to 30 students
Duration: 60-minute session

“I am so thankful for professional theatre educators and actors such as yourself who are willing to guide and mentor our students to enable them to develop and grow beyond what we can give them in the classroom.”


How to Book an Incursion

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