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If I buy on-line how do I get my tickets?

If you purchase tickets via our website your tickets will be emailed to  the email address you registered in your account.  You will receive:

A confirmation email which sets out the details of your account, the amount charged and the confirmation number of the transaction. Please note the terms and conditions of sale listed on this email.
A second email with your tickets attached as a pdf document which you can simply open and print.

Who needs a ticket?

Everyone over 12 months old needs a ticket to our children shows including “Tinkerbell and the Dream Fairies”, “The Wind in the Willows” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

What seating is provided?

For all outdoor shows, you are welcome to bring along whatever seating or picnic gear you like, or feel free to simply sit on the lawn. There will be an area for picnic rugs and low-rise chairs, and an area for standard height chairs behind the picnic goers.

Children’s shows do not have any seating provided, so please bring along anything you need.

For shows at the mainstage at Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, we do have hire chairs available for $5 each. We have the option of low-rise and standard height chairs. Please bring along anything else you think you may need.

Can I bring my pets along to the show? (Dogs/Cats)

Unfortunately, NO pets are allowed to come to any of our outdoor performances.

This is to ensure that other patrons have a comfortable evening, and also to protect your pets – as there are loud noises and bright lights in the performance which may unsettle them.


Can I exchange my tickets?

Yes, your tickets can be exchanged to another session but they must be exchanged prior to the scheduled performance date.

Please email your booking details to boxoffice@shakespeareaustralia.com.au and include your order number, booking name, number of tickets, mobile number, session booked for and preferred new session.

Unfortunately if you miss/choose not to attend your performance tickets cannot be exchanged on past performances

If you have any questions, please call 03 8676 7511 or 02 9011 7704 during business hours Monday to Friday.

How secure is my online ticket purchase transaction?

We realise how important security is to you.
All transaction information is protected by 128 Bit secure socket layer security.

Because our event listings are presented in a framed browser window the page may not contain the familiar security indicators including the small “lock” icon at the bottom right corner of the browser frame and the “s” in the address bar (for example, “https”). Please be assured that although these indicators are not present in the master page, the checkout component of this page is secure.
To verify that the page is secure and that your credit card number and personal information is being transmitted safely, you may right click on the checkout page and view information about the page:

Internet Explorer: Right click on page, select “Properties”
Firefox: Right click on page, select “This Frame”, then “View Frame Info”
Safari: Right click on page, select “View Frame Source” and note the page title of the popup

You will see that the page address uses ‘https’ indicating a secure, encrypted page.

I have bought tickets from a reseller. Are they still valid?

We can’t guarantee the authenticity of tickets sold by third party vendors or resellers. Some third-party websites like Viagogo resell tickets at heavily inflated prices, and often contain false or misleading information about whether a show has sold out or how many tickets are available. Many people use third-party vendors as a way to scam people into buying overpriced, fake, or invalid tickets.

If you have purchased tickets from a non-verified seller, feel free to contact us on 8676 7511. We can look up the booking confirmation number and hopefully verify your tickets.


What happens if it rains?

If you are unsure of the weather, click here or call 03 8676 7511 or 02 9011 7704 for a weather update.

Usually, performances do proceed if there is only very light misty drizzle, however, from time to time, it will be necessary to cancel a performance


  • If the Australian Shakespeare Company cancels the performance due to inclement weather your tickets will be valid for another performance during the same production season.
  • To rebook, fill in the Request Date Change form on our website or Please call 03 8676 7511 or 02 9011 7704 during business hours Monday to Friday.
  • If it is not possible for you to attend another performance during the same production season we provide a lifetime credit note for the value of your tickets (not including any handling fees).
  • A credit note will only be offered if the performance is officially cancelled.
  • When a performance is cancelled in advance of the scheduled start time due to weather conditions, where possible and time permitting, we make every effort to inform ticket holders by SMS or telephone.
The 7 Day Forecast looks bad for next week are you cancelling the shows?

Shakespeare under the Stars, The Wind in the Willows, Alice in Wonderland aSummerday Sumemr Music Sessions are all outdoor event and as such are subject to prevailing weather conditions.  Whilst forecasts are naturally used as a guide, the decision to cancel a show is made by production staff on site and ONLY on the day of performance.

Weather conditions in Melbourne and Sydney can be very changeable and also very much localised it may be raining in your suburb but dry and sunny at the performance site.  The Australian Shakespeare Company is very mindful of the comfort and enjoyment of our patrons and we make every effort to not cancel performances unnecessarily.  There will be times, if weather conditions change unexpectedly, when shows are cancelled just prior to performance or at a time when it is not possible to contact everyone far enough in advance to  prevent unnecessary travel.

If you are unsure about the weather conditions on your day of performance we are always happy to exchange your tickets should you prefer to attend another date but they must be exchanged in advance of your performance. Please call 03 8676 7511 or 02 9011 7704 during business hours Monday to Friday or email your booking details to admin@shakespeareaustralia.com.au including your order number, booking name, number of tickets, mobile number, session booked for and preferred new session.

Tickets for past performances will NOT be exchanged under any circumstances.

Your Visit

How early should I be at the show?

Shakespeare Under the Stars
The gates to the performance area will open 90 minutes prior to the start of the show.

Children’s Shows
The performance area will be open from 1 hour prior to the start of the show.  As the children’s shows move locations during the performance if you are planning a picnic it’s best to come early and enjoy your treats before the show begins!

Photos & Filming

Can I take photos at the show?

Shakespeare Under the Stars
You are allowed to take photos of the stage and with your friends before the show, however, you are not allowed to take photos of the performance. Remember to tag us on social media!

Children’s Shows
You are allowed to take photos of the stage and with your children before the show, however, you are not allowed to take photos of the performance. After most performances, you will be welcome to take photos with the performers.

Food and Drink

Can I bring food, wine and other goodies?

You are very welcome to bring a hamper of all your favourite things and BYO alcohol is permitted.

There is also a fully licensed cash only bar on-site bar offering hot chocolate, tea and coffee, soft drinks, water, beer, wine, spirits, snacks, chocolate, lollies, chips, etc.

Please remember to pick up your rubbish and use the bins provided.

Looking for weather updates?

Click below for information about show cancellations