Australian Shakespeare Company Privacy Policy

Australian Shakespeare Company Privacy Policy


  1. The Australian Shakespeare Company (ASC) believes that privacy is important and the ASC will go to all reasonable means to protect any personal information provided by employees, patrons, subscribers, sponsors, business partners, and any other individuals who have dealings with the ASC.


2. The ASC may collect information in the form of one of more of the following: Name, Contact details (Address, Telephone, Mobile, Fax, Email, etc), Financial Transaction details (credit card or bank account details) or any other relevant information.


3. There are a number of ways the ASC can collect personal information. These include the purchasing of tickets via the phone, the internet, nominated ticketing agency, or Box Office sales.


4. The ASC may also collect information over the phone, in person, by email correspondence or by fax.


5. Australian Shakespeare Company will need to collect your personal information for a number of different reasons. For example, Australian Shakespeare Company may need more information about you when you buy a ticket so we can notify you in the case of changes in date or time of a performance or to send out information about upcoming Australian Shakespeare Company performances. If you do not want your information used for direct marketing or research purposes all you have to do is contact the Australian Shakespeare Company.


6. The ASC collects personal information to aid in the running and development of our business and to ensure the security of our patrons in regards to their purchases.


7. All personal information is kept secure and confidential. The ASC discloses personal information only to ensure the secure and effective running of the ASC’s business, when required to disclose under the law, and when authorised by the owners of the relevant information.


8. Australian Shakespeare Company will not sell, rent, trade or otherwise supply to third parties any personal information obtained from you.


9. Ticketmaster and Sprout (or other nominated ticketing agency) sell tickets on behalf of Australian Shakespeare Company for Australian Shakespeare Company productions. Ticketmaster and Spout (or other nominated ticketing agency) disclose this personal information to the Australian Shakespeare Company. Australian Shakespeare Company only has access to personal information for its own productions and in no circumstances has access to personal information for any other productions sold via Ticketmaster or Sprout (or other nominated ticketing agency) that are not produced by Australian Shakespeare Company. Australian Shakespeare Company uses this personal information for the purpose stated previously.


10. All personal information held by the ASC can be obtained by the owner of the relevant information. To obtain a copy of personal information, an individual must submit a request in writing and pay any costing to the ASC that providing such information occurs.

Direction Marketing Policy


  1. The ASC generally only sends direct marketing material via electronic means (email) to customers who have provided us with their email address for this purpose.


2. Australian Shakespeare Company will send direct marketing material to individuals when the direct marketing material is directly related to the primary purpose for which the information was originally collected (a ticket buyer who has purchased tickets to ASC productions will receive direct marketing material about future Australian Shakespeare Company productions); or it would be in an individual¹s reasonable expectations to receive direct marketing material (the ticket buyer may occasionally receive information in the mail about Australian Shakespeare Company related events).


3. At any time an individual can choose to opt out of receiving marketing material from the ASC. If an individual no longer wishes to receive information from the ASC, please advise the Australian Shakespeare Company by phone on 03 8676 7509 or by email: Individuals will need to allow the ASC a reasonable amount of time to update our records.




4. The ASC has security measures designed to protect against the loss, misuse and/or alteration of the information under its control. The ASC employees are required to uphold a strict Confidentiality Policy in regards to all personal information held by the ASC. Access to personal information is limited to ASC staff with sufficient authorisation in regards to personal information. If you would like further details on this, please contact the Australian Shakespeare Company.


5. Where it is lawful and practicable to do so, customers may undertake business with Australian Shakespeare Company without providing personal information. For example, you may purchase tickets to an Australian Shakespeare Company performance by cash payment, in person, over the counter, without being asked for personal details.



6. Australian Shakespeare Company reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy when it sees fit and will notify all ASC patrons by posting an updated version of the Privacy Policy on this website.


For further information about this Policy, please contact the ASC on:

Phone: 03 8676 7509

Fax: 03 8676 7512


Address: 188 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000