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The Australian Shakespeare Company’s theatre education program offers Australia’s most extensive and dynamic line up of performances for secondary school students.


Connect with the characters through robust performances delivered by seasoned actors. Studies on William Shakespeare in the classroom come to life Under the Stars.


Start your students journey with the Bard and The Australian Shakespeare Company today!


Tickets are easy to book. Fill out our google form and shortly after you have done so, one of our team members will be in touch with you. For every ten students, we offer one complimentary ticket for a teacher!

Romeo & Juliet – Rippon Lea Estate and On Tour

A timeless classic celebrating the joy of young love, the power of family,  the value of friends and the futility of hate. You will swoon at the romance and cry at the tragedy. For never was there a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.


Come and experience Shakespeare’s greatest love story in one of Victoria’s most beautiful estates, Rippon Lea. The Australian Shakespeare Company celebrates its 30th anniversary of Shakespeare Under the Stars with this brand new production.

Twelfth Night – Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Laugh yourself silly with: Sir Toby Belch – the man believed to have invented partying, Sir Andrew Aguecheek – dispossessed of any intelligence, Malvolio – a power hungry puritan who falls from a great moral height when pushed by Sir Toby, Maria – the housemaid who outwits Malvolio and housetrains Sir Toby, Viola – a shipwrecked girl who cross-dresses as a boy to get a job, Olivia – deeply grieving for her brother’s death refuses Duke Orsino’s overtures and rebounds by falling in love with the cross-dressed Viola, and Orsino – the lovesick Duke pining for Olivia, but seems to fancy Viola dressed as a boy!

Macbeth – Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (Melbourne)

Celebrating in style, this year The Australian Shakespeare Company is proudly presenting a compelling new pro-duction of the Bard’s greatest drama; Macbeth.


Macbeth is the tale of one man’s ill-fated journey. After receiving a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland, the heroic General is consumed by ambition and spurred into action by his power-hungry wife. Macbeth fulfils the forecast by killing the King and then taking the throne. However, wracked with guilt and paranoia both he and his murderous wife’s lives slowly unravel, leaving them to suffer their fate. What’s done cannot be undone…


Additional Staff Members:


One complimentary ticket is provided for every ten students attending the performance. If additional adults wish to attend, they will require a full price adult ticket.


Is the language appropriate for school groups?


This show has been designed with students in mind and all content is appropriate for school groups.


When will I have access to a Teacher’s Kit and Script:


Teacher’s Kit and script are available upon request.


What if our booking numbers change – will we be able to get a refund?:


Unfortunately, refunds cannot be made once final payment is received. However, prior to payment going through, we are able to send updated invoices.


Will we be able to ask questions of the performers and creative team?


You will be given access to an online portal where you and your students can post questions to the creative team and cast. These questions and answers will be visible to all other school groups. Please do not send individual emails requesting answers to questions. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to individual emails with creative questions about the performances.


All information given out needs to be accessible to all other students in Victoria so that any assessments are fair and even.


What happens if it rains?


Generally, performances go ahead in light to moderate rain. Performances are only cancelled if it is unsafe for the performance to proceed, and when school groups are present we do factor this into our decision making and try to push on with the show wherever possible. For school groups, we can arrange an exchange of tickets or a full refund if a show is cancelled.