The Australian Shakespeare Company presents exciting, accessible, contemporary productions of Shakespeare, Children Classics, Musicals and other plays.
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Available for tour: 2021

Age range: 4 years old and up
Duration: 60 mins
Tech requirements: Medium
Touring party: 5 Actors + 2 Crew
Audiences are invited to enter the magical imagination of Alice in Wonderland creator Lewis Carroll in a new ultra-modern steampunk musical adaptation of The Hunting of the Snark
RGM Productions (Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Musical) brings to life Carrol’s nonsense poem in a sparkling musical comedy adventure designed for four to 94-year-olds. The theatrical tour-de-force features five high-energy actors, a life-like puppet, lashings of daft humour and an award-winning soundtrack of witty songs that will delight, excite and entertain.
Direct from London’s West comes the impossible voyage of a riotous ragtag band of bold adventurers on the hunt for the legendary Snark.
A legendary Snark has been spotted on a remote island far out to sea and the race is on to capture the mythical creature worth ‘millions of thousands of dollars.’ On the journey to Snark Island audiences find a lonely bullied little Boy, his Banker father who is so rich he puts diamonds on his cereal, a knitting Beaver, a stupendously silly Baker who can’t remember his name; and a moronic Bellman who happens to be the world expert on Snarks.

Available for tour:
September 2019 onwards

Age range: 4 years old and up
Duration: 70 mins
Tech requirements: Small
Touring party: 7 Actors + 2 Crew
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s classic story, is coming to life. All the crazy characters will be there!
Join Alice as she goes down the rabbit hole and follows the White Rabbit into the fun and magical world of Wonderland. She will get taller and smaller, dance with the Dodo, talk with a Caterpillar, sneeze with the Duchess, have tea with the Mad Hatter and keep her head from the Queen of Hearts.
This captivating promenade children’s production will keep the whole family enthralled and entertained with acrobatics, shouting, singing, dancing and riddles and rhymes. There’s lots of fun participation for the kids and even the adults have to turn into cards and march behind the Queen of Hearts – or it’s off with their heads!

Available for tour:
Jan 2020 onwards

Suitable for Pro-Arch or Studio spaces
Age range: 4 years old and up
Duration: 65 mins
Tech requirements: Small
Touring party: 5 Actors + 2 Crew
Tinkerbell has lost her wings and can’t find her way back to Neverland. Luckily, she meets the Dream Fairies (Moth, Cobweb, Mustard-Seed and
Peasblossom) who offer to help her. Tinkerbell quickly learns that these fairies are lost too! They have been flying around looking for the Fairy Queenbut have lost their map. With the help of the audience, Tinkerbell and the Dream Fairies work together to find their way back home.
On this journey, the Fairies make their way to Bubble Land; here audience members have the opportunity to blow, pop and play with bubbles as well as interact with the fairies. Tinkerbell, her Dream Fairy Friends and all the audience find Tinkerbells wings in Bubble Land and make their way home. Audience members are encouraged to dress up as Fairies and Elves and join in the adventure

Mozart by Moonlight

Available for tour:
Feb/Mar 2020 and 2021

Suitable for public or private parks or gardens
Duration: Approx. 2 hours and 10 mins inc. intermission
Tech requirements: Medium
Touring party: between 10 and 30 Orchestra Members, 4 Soloists and 3 Crew
Experience a very special concert under the stars. A magnificent evening of arias from Mozart’s best-known operas. Enjoy the sumptuous voices of Melbourne’s most accomplished up and coming artists with the beautiful accompaniment of an orchestra.

Shakespeare Under The Stars

Available for tour:
Feb/Mar 2020 and 2021

Suitable for public or private parks or gardens
Duration: Approx. 2 hours and 10 mins inc. intermission (Depending on show)
Tech requirements: Large
Touring party: 14 Actors, 3 Crew, 1 Production Manager, 1 Creative (Approxmently)
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Enjoy Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies in a brand new style, underneath the stars! Audiences can pack a delicious picnic dinner, and lie back to enjoy a romantic night under the stars…..