Djilpin Arts, Australian Shakespeare Company and AUM PR + MGMT present

A cultural crossover into the new world we all share today

We invite you to the remote Aboriginal community of Beswick, NT.


Come Together is a set of three Concerts on Country this Dry Season with three unique experiences in May, June and July 2019.

22 June 2019

The Merindas

27 July 2019

Mojo Juju


MC Constantina Bush • Indigenous DJs • Indigenous Workshops
The Wugularr Drifters • Traditional Dance from Beswick & Arnhem Land
Museum & Art Sales • Camping • Food • Coffee

About the Program

The 2019 program lineup inculdes featuring the highly awarded and acclaimed Mojo Juju, triple j fave Kira Puru,  and the latest ladies to hit the hip hop block Oetha.  MC all three concerts is the inimitable Constantina Bush with more names to be announced as we get closer to show time.


These three weekends held across May, June and July. Extending the community festival model, this series is set to create an intimate environment for cross-cultural engagement.


A limited number of tickets will be available for the general public to engage and experience. With only two hundred tickets available for the General Public for each performance.

This year’s acts

Three exclusive weekend events in the heart of the Beswick community:


25th May   

Kira Puru

Black Crow [Young Wagilak Group from Roper River]

DJ set.


22nd June 

The Merindas


DJ set


27th July

Mojo Juju


Lady Lash DJ set


Each event features MC Constantina Bush, indigenous DJs, Beswick’s own Wugularr Drifters, workshops, museum tours, art sales, overnight camping, great food, and Barista Coffee. Beswick is located 100kms from Katherine.

Important Information and FAQ


How do I get there?
Beswick Community is located 107km south-east of Katherine drive south on the Stuart Highway for 51km, turn left into the Central Arnhem Road and drive 56km to Beswick Community. Follow the signs to the Ghunmarn Cultural Centre (the red two storey building).


What time does the event start?

Scroll down for the running program


Where do I go when I arrive?
When you arrive at Beswick all patrons must go to the Ghunmarn Culture Centre (on the right hand side of the main road).


Can we bring alcohol?
Alcohol is not permitted at all and is not available to purchase. Please note that sections of the road to Beswick and the community itself operate under specific liquor laws and the police can impound your vehicle if alcohol is found and you may be fined. Please respect the wishes of the community and do not bring alcohol to the event.


What are the camping arrangements?
Campers must be self-sufficient. First aid and ambulance will be available on site. There is a health clinic at Beswick Community and the nearest hospital is in Katherine. Please take all your rubbish with you.


Are there hotels or motels?
If you do not intend to camp, please note Beswick Community does not offer tourist accommodation facilities. We recommend booking accommodation in either Katherine or Mataranka.


Will there be food and drink for sale?
Yes. There will be great food and barista coffee available at the culture center.


Can I photograph or record the performance?
Photography or audiovisuall recording of any kind is not permitted during the performances on Saturday night.


Will I be able to buy artwork or souvenirs?
Original paintings, baskets, didgeridoos, mats and other pieces of indigenous fine art will be available for sale at the Ghunmarn Cultural Centre in Beswick.


I’ve read the FAQ but still have a question, who do I ask?
For further information call 03 8676 7511.


Alternatively, email your query to


No Alcohol: Beswick is a dry community and alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Getting to Beswick

Beswick Community is located 107km south-east of Katherine drive south on the Stuart Highway for 51km, turn left into the Central Arnhem Road and drive 56km to Beswick Community.

School Groups: All school group bookings must be made by contacting the ASC office on (03) 8676 7511 or emailing


Food: Yes. There will be great food and barista coffee available at the culture center.


Kira Puru

25th May

The Merindas

22nd June



Mojo Julu

27th July

Black Crow

25th May


22nd June


27th July

Program for 22 of June 2019

Other programs will be posted the month of the event.

11.00 am

You are welcome to arrive from to enjoy morning Coffee and Cake.

Take a look around the Ghunmarn Cultural Centre and acquaint yourself with the highly inspiring Paintings, Carvings and Sculptural Weaving on display – not to mention the Sugar Bag Honey, a local delicacy, that is transformed into a divine bush soap and a wonderfully natural lip gloss.


Also take the time to step back in time with a visit to the upstairs gallery that houses the Blinase collection. One of the most unique and influential collections in remote Australia

12.00 pm

 Toasties, cakes and other snacks available from now on – and more coffee.

2 pm

The placing of the Morning Star Pole in the corrobboree area – a tradition of welcoming the outsiders to Wugularr.  A powerful corrobboree that gives permission to all the community to share their stories and their dances with you – their guests. This is a physical and moving  “Welcome to Country”.  An invitation into the world of Aboriginal Australia.

3 pm

Headstone at Cemetery


Djarmalak is an homage to our late founding and Artistic Director Balang T E Lewis, whose vision was a culturally safe place where everyone could come together to learn, share, exchange and enjoy. ‘Culture as identity, art as medicine’, was his consistent message to community and visitors alike. Djarmalak affirms and carries his legacy, the community is stepping up with his passion and dedication as their inspiration. Cutting-edge Indigenous performance combined with the dynamics and persistence of traditional practice, Djarmalak is a special invitation from the heart of the community and resonates Balang’s belief that “culture is everyone’s responsibility”.

4 pm

Workshops – Join in the with the community as they share their well-honed skills in Pandanus  Weaving  & Didjeridu making. These workshops are always a joy for all who participate in them and a genuine opportunity to share some time with the people of Wugularr.


Meet the MC – Constantina Bush –  AKA – Kamahi King – magnificent, beautiful and endearing, the new bridge between the two cultures. A razor sharp wit that brings us all together with hilarious observations and a honest commitment to going forward to keep carving a brave new world for everyone. You can’t help but fall in love with her.

5 pm

The Wugularr Drifters – This local band will have be on your feet when they light up the night with their special brand of vibrant cross over reggae that urges all ages to put on their dancing feet.

5.30 pm

Sunset Dinner Service – a beautiful fresh BBQ dinner, a great range of Toasties, and more coffee!


During dinner, Vera Cameron retells the ancient tale of adventure in the bush with the Cheeky Spirits called Mukuys. Vera will tell this historic story in the Rhitarngu language with by her granddaughter who will simultaneously translate in in Australian.

6 pm

Red Flag/Bongiliny

7 pm


8 pm