About the show

Laugh yourself silly with: Sir Toby Belch – the man believed to have invented partying, Sir Andrew Aguecheek – dispossessed of any intelligence, Malvolio – a power hungry puritan who falls from a great moral height when pushed by Sir Toby, Maria – the housemaid who outwits Malvolio and housetrains Sir Toby, Viola – a shipwrecked girl who cross-dresses as a boy to get a job, Olivia – deeply grieving for her brother’s death refuses Duke Orsino’s overtures and rebounds by falling in love with the cross-dressed Viola, and Orsino – the lovesick Duke pining for Olivia, but seems to fancy Viola dressed as a boy!

"Mistaken identities, cross-dressing, practical jokes, wicked humour, interrupted romance and happy endings"

Herald Sun


2020 Cast

Picnic Theatre

Our performances of Hamlet are presented in “picnic theatre” style. This means, you sit on the grass or on a picnic blanket during the show.

You are very welcome to bring a hamper of all your favourite goodies.


Cast Information 

Like most plays and musicals, the cast of TWELFTH NIGHT is an ensemble company. The producers cannot guarantee the appearance of a particular artist at any performance. Appearance could be subject to many factors including illness and holidays.


We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you to TWELFTH NIGHT!