Ticket Types

At the Australian Shakespeare Company we have a range of tickets available for our patrons. It is a priority that all our guests, regardless of age or socioeconomic status have the option of attending one of our shows.



As the ASC produces a range of shows, we also have a range of tickets types. Prices differ depending on what show you’re experiencing and, or what day of the week it is. Fridays and Saturdays are peak days, meaning prices may be slightly higher than performances taking place Sunday – Thursday.


Please bear this in mind when making a booking or looking to change your tickets.

Shakespeare Under the Stars


Adult/General Admission

If you don’t fit into any of the below ticket types, this is your ticket. It is perfect for you if you’re over 30 and not a concession card holder!



If you’re a concession card holder this is the ticket for you.


High School Student / Child

Over the age of 12 months and still in high school? This is your ticket.


Group of 10 or more Adults

If you’re planning on bringing a group of 10+ you’ll receive tickets at a discounted cost. Perfect for a large party.


30& Under

This ticket is for those under the age of 30 and no longer in high school.


School Bookings

For every ten students, schools receive one complimentary ticket for a teacher.

Looking to book tickets for your school to one of our shows? You can do so here.

Children’s Theatre

Adult tickets and Children tickets are all the same price for our children’s shows


General Admission

Suitable for adults or children, however, a child under the age of 12 months does not require a ticket.


Group (4)

If you’re in a group of four this ticket package is a great way to sneak in a deal. Within a group ticket purchase you may have four individuals, adults or children!